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Because I knew first hand of Linda's skills, I hired her as a marketing consultant shortly after I was hired by TCA to be the director of education and as suspected, Linda did not disappoint me. She is a true problem solver. She can take the most complicated process and communicate it in the simplest most understandable way. I can’t count the number of times she has proposed an idea or marketing strategy and I replied with “that’s brilliant!” She brings the best out of me. When we collaborate to solve a marketing or messaging problem, her questions to be about processes, my vision and what I want, makes me think differently so that the approach we take is one that I had not considered, yet it is exactly the one I needed and it brings results. I have been impressed with how quickly she learns the latest in social media marketing and know exactly how to implement it for the projects she does for us. Whenever I’m not sure of an approach to communicating a new program, or process, I check with my internal staff and then say, “Let’s get Linda’s opinion on this.”
Ron Goode
Truckload Carriers Association, Instructional Design
I had the pleasure of working with Linda as part of the executive management team of Javien Digital Payment Solutions and highly recommend her to any organization seeking the very best in marketing and communications talent. Linda is one of those rare marketing executives who can operate effectively on both strategic and tactical levels. She can take a broad set of corporate goals and distill them to help develop a coherent vision and mission. She then enforces all branding and messaging both from top to bottom within the company, and externally to maintain a unified strategy. Linda is also an extremely innovative marketing tactician who can analyze vertical markets and develop tailored marketing mixes for each one to maximize ROI. She approaches sales support not just as generating leads but instead working closely with the sales force throughout the entire customer life cycle. Linda understands the importance of marketing being tightly integrated with all other divisions to ensure that a constant information loop exists across the entire organization, resulting in a company that maintains a razor-focused execution while constantly evolving with the marketplace. And, she possesses the people and communication skills to actually make it work.
Leslie Poole
President, Javien Digital Payment Solutions

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